Готовьтесь, деушки

The intelligence official said Isis had issued a decree or edict in June this year ordering for the conscription of Jihad Al-Nikah or sexual jihad.

“Shortly after the town of Mosul in Iraq was captured by Isis forces, people were ordered to send unmarried women to jihad for sex,” the intelligence official revealed.

“In its proclamation, Isis threatened to impose shariah law on all those who failed to comply with the edict or decree,” the official added.

Без перевода понятно?

Ну а поскольку православныя у исламистов одно за другим всё перенимают, то, надо думать, и лугандонских краль скоро военнообяжут. Тем более, совковой солдатне подобное не впервой.

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