Ничего святого

Ох уж эти мне британские учёные…

Провели исследование и пишут, что Джеймс наш, Бонд был, оказывается, законченным алкоголиком.

Too shaky to stir? James Bond is an alcoholic, docs say

It’s no wonder James Bond prefers his martinis “shaken, not stirred.” The man has such a severe drinking problem that he probably suffers from hand tremors that make stirring a cocktail — if not shooting a gun — impossible, say doctors who studied the fictional spy’s drinking habits.

How much are we talking? In the United Kingdom, alcohol consumption is measured in units, with one unit equaling 8 grams of pure alcohol. No more than 21 units a week are recommended for men. Many alcoholic drinks contain multiple units, and Bond’s favorite vodka martinis would contain about three, Davies says. Bond also drinks Champagne, red wine and sake, and seems to drink almost constantly when not imprisoned or otherwise indisposed.

Estimated total: 92 units a week. “It’s a huge amount,” Davies says. Someone who really drank that much would be “a significant alcoholic.”

One thought on “Ничего святого”

  1. 8g спирта – это 20г водки

    100 единиц выпивки = 2000г водки

    т.е. четыре поллитры в неделю

    много, вообще-то, да

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