Oh my God! They killed Kenny! …You bastards!

Геноссе Беобакстер в очередной раз послал жгучие лучи ненависти всему мировому империализму, но в особенности какой-то недавно усопшей английской Мате Хари, за то, что та лично упромыслила товарища нашего Лумумбу.

Не могу не продублировать сюда свою реакцию.

Википедия — это просто нечто прекрасное.

The United States’ involvement in Lumumba’s murder can be traced back to before he was even born.

Но гораздо интереснее статья не про самого Лумумбу, а про Конго в целом:

At the time of its independence in 1960, DRC was the second most industrialized country in Africa after South Africa, it boasted a thriving mining sector and its agriculture sector was relatively productive. The two recent conflicts (the First and Second Congo Wars), which began in 1996, have dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, have increased external debt, and have resulted in deaths of more than five million people from war, and associated famine and disease. Malnutrition affects approximately two thirds of the country’s population.

Through 2011 the Democratic Republic of the Congo had the lowest Human Development Index of the 187 ranked countries, classified lower than Niger despite a higher margin of improvement than the latter country from 2010’s numbers.

Congo has the world’s second-highest rate of infant mortality (after Chad).

Вот, собственно, плоды деятельности т. Лумумбы. А ведь могла бы быть процветающая страна.

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